Leadership Team

Our leadership team recognizes the authority of God, and realizes that we are shepherds who serve under the Chief Shepherd, Jesus Christ. We desire to devote ourselves to prayer and to the ministry of the Word. Our passion and goal is to equip the believers for the work of the ministry until we all attain maturity in the fullness of Christ.

Rev. Dr. Brian Kneser • Senior Pastor

He stands ready to be of help to you and your family in times of sorrow, indecision, or personal challenges. His training as a pastor and in the Word of God, along with his desire to be of help, are available to you. He will lift up your concerns in prayer to our loving and caring God and Savior. Pastor Kneser may be reached at 407.469.2525 or through email at pastor@woodlandschurch.com.

Rev. Joshua Pettit • Associate Pastor – Youth and Family Ministry

Having been through some dark times as a teen, Pastor Josh found his passion in helping other youth through the challenges of life. With his family being very important in his life, he answered the call from God to reach out and minister to all youth and their families to share with them the same love of God that brought him out of his darkness into God’s marvelous light. If you want to know more about his story and God’s saving grace in his life or the ministry he is doing at Woodlands Lutheran Church contact him at

Rev. Dr. Milan Weerts • Assistant to Pastor

He loves to teach the Bible. He also teaches a class on Debt Free Living. Rev. Dr. Weerts stands ready to answer your questions about theology, spiritual questions, or the interpretation of Bible passages. For assistance with any of those questions, email him at pastorweerts@woodlandschurch.com. You will normally receive a reply within 48 hours. You may also send prayer requests to this address. Pastor Weerts will include your prayer in his personal prayers.

Charles Crownover • Minister of Music

Mr. Crownover leads a number of music groups, including our In God We Trust Worship Band,  Men’s Choir, Men’s Quartet, Children’s Choir (co-leader with Dorothea Holcomb) and Brass Quartet. His vision for music ministry is to encourage people to express their Christian life, gratitude and worship through music. He is a member of CCLI, BMI, and SGA. Mr. Crownover also serves as our music teacher for the Woodlands Early Learning Center. While his Bachelor’s Degree is in psychology, Charles also completed post-graduate work in Education and obtained an Orff Schulwerk certification in music. Charles brings 38 years of experience in professional music performance to his position. He loves introducing our children to the world of music. Charles may be reached at 407.469.2525 or through email at music@woodlandschurch.com. Visit  his site: CharlesCrownover.com

Church Staff



Emma Pinter
Church & School Administrator
Susan Breding
Administrative Assistant
Bryan Hallman

MaryJo Hoard

Lutheran Christian Counseling

Senita Ali

Nursery Attendant

Joe Chasmar

Facilities Custodian

Leslie Cardona

Shelley Smith

Church Custodians

Music Staff

Betty Myers

Joyful Sounds Choir Director
Joy Bells Director

Eric Heumann

Kae Retzlaff

Marge Weerts

Marlene Wilhelm

Sandra Zaccagnini


Early Learning Center Staff


Michelle Hoffman

Early Learning Center Director
3PK Teacher

Debra Dyer



Pam Jackson


Julie Compton



Laura Dolin


Morgan Hatmaker 



Senita Ali


Mackenzie Bender


Amy Green



Rhonda Demarest


Sofia Samaroo


Cynthia Armstrong


Lunch Bunch

Ruth Brennan 

Sandra Seunarine

Catherine Kenner 


Lea Adams

Camryn Varga